>I recently had a conversation with my wife about maintaining two blogs. I have tended to keep this blog as the more serious one – the one in which I place the longer posts that I have spent some serious time and reflection on – and have recently started another blog to put some of my more random musings about sports, ministry and life in general.

Well, after this conversation, I have decided to merge my two blogs together. I won’t be deleting this blog or its content any time soon, but I will most likely do all of my posting to one blog instead of separating my life into segments. At Random Thoughts in Ministry, you’ll see a more wholistic picture of who I am, and perhaps that’s a little bit of what blogging is about – putting yourself out there to let people read about some of your thoughts.

Let’s be honest anyway… I’ve gotten lazy. I haven’t posted anything original on this blog (apart from a couple of weeks of mild inspiration in April/May) in nearly a year. That being the case, hopefully, I’ll get a fire lit under me once again. Hopefully, I can stop long enough in my busy day to day life to reflect seriously on some of the things that God has been saying to me. I’ll probably still post my sermons and any other messages that I work on, but hopefully, I can open my ears once again to what God is saying to me on a daily basis.

For those that have been reading the sporadic posts on this blog, I certainly invite you to my new one, and for those that have maybe stumbled on this one… come on over and join the fun.

Just some final musings from a traveling pilgrim.