>Yes, you probably know that my wife and I are moving next week to a two-point charge in the Terre Haute district.  We’re both getting excited, anxious, stressed, nervous, and excited (is it sad that I could think of two synonymns to describe “stressed” but nothing apart from “excited” to convey our… excitement… about the move?  Moving is tough mentally, so back off…)  Seriously though, we believe that God is really orchestrating this move, and we’re really excited about it.  Moving is just a very difficult thing to do mentally, emotionally and physically… HOWEVER!!!!  This is not the move that I am referring to in my post title.

I’m talking about my slow move into the internet dominance that is Google.  Katie set me up with Google Reader yesterday, which is working so much better than Bloglines has.  So, I decided to set myself up with iGoogle this morning.  I now have a homepage that shows me a window into my Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google News, and my Google Flamethrower…. oh wait, I’ve had Spaceballs on the brain lately…  Seriously though, I’ve also added Sports Scores, a To Do List, Quote of the Day, Free Downloads from iTunes (now if I can only get it to work…), and I just added a daily Bible verse from the English Standard Version, and the one year Bible reading plan from the ESV.  It’s a one stop catch-all for the things that are important to my daily internet journey.
I am a total dork….