>Well, the boxes are cluttering up the hallway, most of them are unpacked, we’ve already been to the Apple Tree Family Dining for dinner, and we’ve made a Wal-Mart run to both Danville, IL and Crawfordsville, IN.  We are officially living in Veedersburg.  I spoke with a tech guy at ATT and got the internet hooked up, and after catching up on nearly 200 unread blogs in my Google Reader, I think I’m going to get something to eat.

Today was my first Sunday preaching at Veedersburg UMC and Hillsboro UMC.  I feel like both services went really well.  I think I’m going to post my sermon manuscripts here just so y’all know that I really am preaching each week.  Don’t look for anything too fancy, such as audio or video recordings of the services though, there’s nothing quite that fancy at these churches, and I think I’m all right with that.  Life is pretty crazy right now, but things are going well.