>I realized this morning that I hadn’t posted an update for last week.  I can’t imagine why; it’s not like I’ve been busy or anything…

Week 8
I moved to 5-3 this week with a 73-58 win.  That’s what happens when you put all the right people in the right places.  This was one that needed to wait until MNF to get the outcome.  I had Peyton, Marvin and the TEN defense going.  I was down about 5-10 points going into the game, so I wasn’t terribly worried.  My opponent did have Anthony Gonzalez going as well.  Lucky for me, Peyton decided to wait a week to throw to him in the endzone (he scored 2 TD’s in last night’s game).
Week 9
Another matchup already won before MNF.  This week’s victory was an 88-69 outcome.  The only bench player that scored more than a starter was my kicker, and even then, it was only 3 points.  That will push me to 6-3 on the season and I’m on a 5 game win streak.  Next week’s matchup will be a big one.  The guy I’m facing will most likely be 4-4-1 on the season.  I’m currently 3rd overall and 4th in total points.  Doing pretty well so far, given the 1-3 start to the season.