>So, I really should be working on some things around the house right now, and of course, what am I doing?  Checking in on the early NFL games as they approach halftime.  Not doing too bad so far

I had Winslow going last Thursday – 21 points on a big night from the Browns TE.  I sat Lewis, who ended with 14 points on the night, so hopefully that won’t hurt me at the end of the day.
Speaking of which, Thomas Jones has 2 TD’s and 100+ yards rushing at the half.  With a 37-0 lead right now, I imagine that the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets Jets, will be running the ball for most of the second half.  Look for those yards and point to pile up.  Correction, make that a 40-0 lead at halftime – Feely kicked a 55 yarder at the end of the half.  Hopefully, DeAngelo Williams will have an equally productive afternoon against another porous run defense in Oakland.
Longwell has kicked a 54 yard FG so far to go with an extra point.  What’s the deal with 2 safeties for the Vikings’ D?  Apparently a big Orlovsky day, I saw earlier that the Ravens had a safety as well.  You don’t see safeties very often in the NFL.
Tennessee’s DEF is doing all right so far.  Nothing spectacular – 1 INT and 7 points.  Not bad, not great.
That’s all for now…