>Wow.  Total domination this week.  Before I get into the specifics, here are some adjustments that I almost made prior to this week’s games.

1) I nearly sat Manning against the #1 defense in the NFL in favor of Aaron Rogers v. the Vikings, but for some reason, I could never pull the trigger on that move.  Good thing: Manning 240 yards, 3 TD’s – good for 21 points; Rogers 142 passing yards – good for 5 points.
2) I pulled Jamal Lewis in favor of DeAngelo Williams prior to Thursday’s game.  Lewis had a good game, 80 all purpose yards and a TD.  However, I actually did a little research and found out that Oakland and St. Louis each had very poor run defenses, so it was Thomas Jones and DeAngelo Williams getting the start.  Jones had a monster day.  I updated you at halftime, and he ended the day with 149 yards and 3 TD’s for a huge 32 points.  Williams broke a 65 yard TD to finish the game with 140 yards and 1 TD for another huge 20 points.
So, for those keeping tabs so far, with just my QB and 2 RB’s, I’m at 73 points for the week.  That total alone outscored 5 teams in my league this week.
3) I pulled Chris Chambers at the last minute in favor of Marvin Harrison.  While Harrison on scored 3 point on 37 receiving yards this week, Chambers didn’t even have a catch in the San Diego game.
4) On Thursday, I also decided to bench Shockey in favor of Winslow.  14 points v. 1 point tells me that was the right decision as well.
All in all, it was a great week for my fantasy football team, and now I’ve moved to 7-3 with this week’s 120-58 victory.  First place is sitting at 7-2 right now with a 14 point lead going into tonight’s San Fran v. Arizona matchup.  Given the players that each team has, I guessing that he’ll move to 8-2 on the season.  (Strangely enough, his opponent has SF’s QB and ARI DEF going tonight – the better one does, the worse the other does.  I guess that’s covering your bases!)
I decided to pick up Kevin Walter from Houston in place of Chris Chambers.  Chambers is not playing well at all this season (nor has he since making the cross country move last season).  Whether or not I play him against the Colts is a different story.  Next week’s opponent is 3-6 on the season, but he’s got a dangerous lineup, so we’ll see how it goes.