>I’m on a roll now!  Going into tonight’s MNF game (Bills v. Browns; exciting pairing, I know), I’m holding a 99-70 lead in this week’s matchup.  My opponent already has all his players done for the week, and I still have Kellen Winslow going tonight.  The question is not: will I win, but by how much.  The victory puts me on a 7 game winning streak, and at 8-3 on the season, which will pull me into a tie for first place, as the current 8-2 leader is down 16 points with nobody going tonight.  In overall points (which serves as a tie breaker), I’m 80 points back, however, I’ve already gained 51 of those with this week’s victory.

Next week’s matchup is going to be a big one.  I’m playing against the guy that is directly behind me in the standings.  Fortunately, his loss this week will put him two games back, but I can’t afford to be losing too often in this league.