>And the streak continues, 8 games and counting.  This week’s win was huge.  I went into last night’s matchup with a 94-52 lead, so I wasn’t particularly worried about losing.  My opponent had Lance Moore, a WR on the Saints, going last night, and I have yet to see a WR score 43 points in a game.  Of course, then I tuned in to see a 51-20something lead for the Saints.  Moore ended up with 115 yards and 2 TD’s on the night, but that still wasn’t enough.

I had a couple of bench players that outscored the starters, but nothing major.  Rogers, inspite of throwing 3 INT’s last night, managed to outscore Manning due to the 30 yards rushing and the rushing TD to go with a 2 pt conversion.  All in all, I think Manning still had a better game, so I’m not going to worry about it.
I can’t say the same about my opponent, who started a couple of Broncos in favor of a couple of Patriots.  Cassel sitting on the bench cost him 27 points, and Gostowski would’ve given him another 7.  If he had played those two, I would be lamenting my choices right now after a 14 point loss.  But as it was, I’m still sitting in a tie for first place, and next week’s matchup is huge.  I’m playing against the one I’m tied with for first.
With the victory this week, we now have a first place showdown next week between the two teams that have already clinched playoff spots.  Big game.