>DeAngelo Williams is a total stud.  He had another huge game last night against the team that made him look bad back in Week 6.  Going into last night’s game, my opponent and I were tied up at 81 apiece.  He didn’t have anyone going, and I had Williams, so unless he gained 20 yards and lost 3 fumbles, I wasn’t worried about losing this week.  He ended up running for 186 yards and 2 TD’s, which was good for another solid 30 points, making the final this week 111-81.

The regular season has closed out in grand fashion for Team Swish.  After starting the season 1-3, I have strung together 10 straight wins to finish the season at a nice 11-3.  I’ve captured the #1 overall seed in our playoffs, and came in second in total points scored for the season, being outscored by the third place team by a mere 14 points.  All in all, this has been probably the best regular season that I’ve ever had in fantasy football.  But all that doesn’t matter now.  This Thursday’s game marks the beginning of the playoffs.  I’ve finished in first in the regular season before and lost in the first round of the playoffs, so we’ll see how everything goes
And just to point out how much I attribute this season to DeAngelo Williams:
– my original RB’s were McFadden, Thomas Jones and Jamal Lewis
– McFadden (who was supposed to be the impact rookie this season… yeah right) began the season with some injuries, and Lewis was starting off by playing on a poor Cleveland team (though, nobody knew it at the time)
– the various Lewis/McFadden/Jones combos combined for point totals of 12, 25, 6 and 20 before I started looking for a new RB to throw into the mix.
– on Week 5, I tried Rudi Johnson and Michael Pittman because all three of my RB’s had a bye week.  They combined for a stellar 12 points, and I looked to the waiver wire once again.  I came across a story that said DeAngelo Williams would be a good pick-up on the waiver wire, so I gave it a chance.  Week 6, against the Bucs, 2 points.
– on Week 7, I sat Williams in favor of Jones and Lewis.  Jones had big yards for 15 points, and Lewis only had 9 on the day.  Williams was sitting on the bench with 12 points.
– beginning Week 8, Williams broke out in a big way, with weeks of 17, bye, 20, 24, 19, 32 and 30.  He is currently ranked #2 overall in the Yahoo! standings.
DeAngelo?  More like DeAngelico….  I haven’t had a sports man-crush on anyone like this (not named Albert Pujols – the perpetual sports man-crush) since Scott Spiezio in the 2006 playoffs.  However, my man-crushes are temporary.  If he falls apart in the next two weeks, he’ll go from man-crush territory to second on my draft board next season.
All right, I’m going to finish my Strawberry Frosted MiniWheats and get some work done!