>I came across a video that was posted on another blog that I read, and it reminded me of what was quite possibly the best summer of my life.  The summer began on June 5, 1999.  

My youth group (as in the one I was in when I was in high school) went to see Billy Graham at the RCA Dome.  I was already in a relationship with Christ, so from that standpoint, it wasn’t life changing for me.  I was actually a little bored at how simple his message really was.  Of course, looking back now, that’s the power of the gospel.  It really is a simple message, but it has the power to change our lives forever.
The next day was my high school graduation.  Family was over from Illinois, and we got together for a family party that afternoon.  At one point I realized that my life would never be the same, and it made me a little sad.  Of course, now, I barely remember anything from high school.  Funny how time work, isn’t it?  That night, I was out with friends at their graduation parties, and got home and went to bed.
The next day, Monday June 7th, I left from Indianapolis to drive to Lineville, Alabama to be an intern at SIFAT for the summer.  A handful of mostly strangers gathered together for what would be quite possibly more fun than any group of people should ever have in their entire combined lives.  We would work hard all week long, get to know some great youth from around the country each week, eat some good food (and some less than good food), make our Tuesday run to the Piggly Wiggly, and our Saturday run to the booming metropolis of Anniston.  But perhaps no event was greater that summer than our Nerf Wars.  
Yes, you heard me right.  During our Saturday runs to Wal-Mart in Anniston, we would take our $40 we earned on that week and blow it all on Nerf Guns and ammo.  It was, simply put, amazing.  Perhaps there was no greater weapon that summer than the Nerf Lock ‘n Load, which is referred to as “arguably the best single shot Nerf weapon available.”  I can’t agree more.  The review said that the only problem with it is that it tends to shoot high.  I don’t see that as a problem because a chestshot easily is transformed into the glorious headshot.  There is nothing more exciting than aiming at an English guy right in the chest only to have the dart hit the unsuspecting Brit right between the eyes.
The Lock ‘n Load had a range that was unbelievable for other Nerf guns, and that gave unsurpassable power to the bearer this this firearm.  You could face an opponent at 15 yards, watch his/her pathetic dart land at your feet, and then blast away.  It was awesome and awe-inspiring.  And just to add a picture to the beautiful descriptions of these fantastic events, I have included a clip and somewhat demonstrates our glorious battles.