>Well, after last week’s disappointing showing, I found myself in the third place game this week. And all the players that failed to show up in last week’s match up showed up in a big way this week. The final this week was 120-85, not even close. I hade 20+ point games from: TEN def (20), Vikings TE Shiancoe (25), Peyton Manning (26), and of course, stud magnet DeAngelo Williams (34). Those four alone gave me 105 points for the week (after combining, combining!, for 39 points last week).

All in all I can’t complain about the outcome this season. After starting off 1-3 on the year, I was thinking that this was going to be a terrible season. So I guess an overall 12-4 season is nothing to complain about. Now, if I could only find a free keeper league and ride the horses that are Peyton Manning and DeAngelo Williams for another season. You can bet that those two will be at the top of my draft board next season.

So, until August, this is the last edition of Fantasy Football Updates. I might try to have a couple of leagues next year, my usual Yahoo! league, and possibly another one with some friends.