>Do you like the subtitle there?  I’ve been catching up on a couple of blogs on my Google Reader (one of the most fascinating things I’ve come across on this “intrahighway” – alongside electronic mail, also known as “e-mail” and up to the minute access to St. Louis Cardinal baseball games via Gameday, courtesy of MLB.com or MLB radio, for the low, low price of $15 for a season)… where was I?

Oh, yes, I’ve been catching up on a couple of blogs on my Google Reader, one of the most… oh, already said that.  Anyhoo!  One blog I follow is the USAToday.com Movie Top Stories, and in a couple of the posts that have come up lately there has been an advertisement for a DVD “duck-umentary” entitled The God Who Wasn’t There.  Now, I put a link to the website, but do NOT take this to mean I am endorsing this DVD, because I absolutely am not.  You want to know why I referred to it as a “duck-umentary”?  Because it is L. A. M. E. – LAME.  (Get it?  Lame duck, powerless and pointless?  Stick that in your thesaurus and smoke it… what does that even mean?)
Here is an actual excerpt from the web page: Own the taboo-shattering documentary that Newsweek says”irreverently lays out the case that Jesus Christ never existed.”

Seriously?  Did somebody take their stupid pill this morning?  Even in the first century, nobody argued that Jesus didn’t exist.  In fact, Roman and Jewish writers mention Jesus by name regarding some events that were going on around the Roman world in the first century.  How is it that 2000 years later, after he lived on this earth, “pioneering scholars” can say that they have evidence that mysteriously has been overlooked for centuries that throw doubt onto Jesus’ very existence?  
Sometimes I really have to wonder why people go to such extremes to prove something didn’t happen, when it clearly did happen.  The only question that we really have to face regarding Jesus’ time on this earth is: what do we do with the evidence that has been given?  We can either choose to live a life in response to what Christ has done, or we can choose to ignore it, but we can’t seriously argue that this one we call Jesus didn’t exist.  That’s just plain dumb…