>I came across an article that talked about Lake Superior State University’s annual list of words that need to be banned from the English language.  

First of all, I know y’all are dying to know where Lake Superior State University is… and what it’s mascot is; however, I can’t seem to get their website to work (let’s hope they aren’t a great school for website design), so you’ll just have to continue to wait in anticipation for it.  Let’s just assume that it is actually in Lake Superior State, which is somewhere near Michigan, and their mascot is the Mule Whitefish (yes, that’s an actual fish that can be caught in Lake Superior… I looked it up… I’m a nerd, reason #12).  *sidebar – I just found their mascot; it’s the Lakers… LAME!  I’m going to petition that they change it to Mule Whitefish – end sidebar*
The list includes (apparently) commonly used offenders:
– Wall Street to Main Street
– bailout
– green OR going green
– maverick
– staycation
– ❤ ("text" speak for "heart"; Congratulations!  The first emoticon to make the list…)
– monkey (for it rampant-monkey use as a suffix)
– carbon footprint
– first dude
– icon OR iconic
– game changer
– desperate search
– not so much
– winner of five nominations (that doesn’t even make sense in the first place!)
– it’s that time of the year again (well…. it is…)
What do you think?  Anything you would add to the list?