>I heard or read somewhere once that somebody said, “The more I pray, the more coincidences seem to happen.”  I’ve been trying to follow my one-year read through the Bible plan that is in the back of my ESV ultimate-uber study Bible.  The other night, I really wasn’t feeling like reading, but I decided to do so anyway.  So, with my iPod going, I dug into some of the Scriptures and had my journal handy.  A couple of the readings for the day were 1 Chronicles 7 and Luke 3:23-4:13.

Here is what I wrote in my journal concerning the first of those two readings.  “I know there is a purpose for the geneaologies.  I supposed there is a purpose for mice and cockroaches too, but I’m not too sure what those purposes are.”  I really do know that the geneaologies in the OT are important ways of tracking the lines of the Jewish people, but sometimes, especially those times when I really don’t feel like reading, I just don’t want to deal with the geneaologies.  And that’s basically what the opening portion of Chronicles is – chapter after chapter of geneaology.
After working through the Chronicles reading, I turn to Luke, and what to my wandering eyes should appear but the geneaology of Jesus.  The more I read Scripture, the more coincidences happen.  However, the Luke reading didn’t stop there.
Luke 4:1-13 is the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.  Jesus has just been baptized by John and is full of the Holy Spirit, when he is immediately tested.  Ironically enough, in tomorrow’s message, I spend a little bit of time talking about “mountaintop experiences”.  Is really an irony though?  And what is it that sustains Jesus throughout this period?  The word of God.  Each of the temptations that Jesus faces, he counters with Scripture – even the one where the devil takes Scripture out of context.  This just reinforces to me the importance of staying in the Word.  The more we know the Word, the more equipped we are to stand against temptation when it comes.
Just as I finish thinking through some of this stuff, a song comes on my iPod.  I don’t really know why this particular CD is on my iPod.  It was on our Windows Media Player when I got the iPod, and I just transferred it over because the singer was a part of a group called Nickel Creek, who I really like.  The song is Stay Away by Chris Thile, and below are the lyrics.
You are the devil
Stay away from me
Stay away from me
Stay away
I am in trouble

But you’re not what I need
You’re not what I need
Even if I’m all alone
Crying out for help
Keep yours to yourself
Cause I’m trying to hold on
To her as long as she can stand it
You’ve been prying up my fingers one by one
Prying up my fingers one by one

I’ve been praying against you
But the damage has been done
The damage has been done
And it would take a miracle
For her to break my fall
Cause she don’t care at all anymore
And I don’t know why I still do
Why I’m telling you
Cause you are the devil
And you can stay away from me
Stay away form me
Stay away

To hell with my freedom
If it don’t come for free
And I know it don’t come for free

If I give in
Give me bitter songs to play
And some sweet heart to win
Friends I thought I lost
And times I’ve never been
Just don’t ever make me fall in love again
Shoulda seen us fly out that church
Devil stay away form me
Stay away from me
Stay away 

Temptation can hit anybody at anytime.  We can’t let our defenses down and give the enemy an opportunity to gain a foothold.  Are you staying in the Word?  The more I read Scripture, the more coincidences happen.