>In August of last year, my wife did a series of postings on her blog a while back called “100 Things.”  And, given the unexplanable popularity of the “25 Things” post on Facebook right now, I got to thinking about what would be on my 100 things list.  So, for your napping pleasure, and in no particular order…

1. I have been married to my lovely wife for 6 and 1/2 years now.  Each day is still exciting.
2. We don’t have any kids right now, but our cats make decent substitutes for the time being.
3. I spent about 20 years in school from Kindergarten to Masters of Divinity.
4. The best time I ever had in school was at Asbury Theological Seminary.
5. The worst time I ever had in school was during college.
6. I started in ministry as an associate pastor near Indianapolis.
7. I found out at my first appointment that seminary doesn’t prepare you for everything. 
8. I am the pastor of two churches in west-central Indiana, and love every minute of it.
9. I have an older sister who is married with three kids.
10. I have nieces in 7th grade, 2 years old, and 2 months old; and a nephew in the 4th grade.
11. My college was a Methodist school with a gambler as a mascot – the definition of irony.
12. I have three grandparents who are still living.
13. I was a serious band geek in high school.  I was only 1/4 point away from lettering 4 times in band, which had only been done twice at my school, as far as I know.  
14. If my friend hadn’t gotten sick causing us to miss out on an ensemble at contest, I would have received that 4th letter.
15. I was section leader in the drumline for two years.  As a junior, I was picked over a senior, and felt bad about it.
16. Where I live is only 20 minutes away from my favorite state park in Indiana.
17. I have gained about 100 pounds since I graduated high school.  Back then I was too skinny; now I’m out of shape.
18. I don’t like to run unless there is a ball in play, yet my wife and I are considering buying a treadmill to help us lose weight.
19. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan.
20. Even though my dorm was right next to the fitness center, I never worked out while I was in college.