Here it is!  #’s 21-40.
21. I enjoy working with Habitat for Humanity in college.  I even was asked to consider being the president of the chapter at my college.
22. I considered it, but decided that it was not the best option considering I was about to get married, and get a job, and live off campus, and be a full time senior in college.  I’m glad I made that decision.
23. The amount that I owe to repay my student loans is roughly twice my annual income, but I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything.
24. I worked at K-mart for four years during high school and college.  A week after I told them that I wasn’t coming back for the summer, the company filed for bankruptcy.
25. I got a job at Sears prior to my senior year of college selling tools on commission.  I didn’t know hardly anything about tools at the time.  I have since forgotten more about tools than I knew when I started.
26. I continued to work at Sears selling tools through seminary, and briefly afterwards.  While I was working at Sears, K-Mart bought the company.  I figured they finally realized that I wasn’t coming back after all, so they came after me. 
27. I worked at Sears for five years, and in three different stores.  Four of those years were in Lexington, store #1580, and during those four years, I had 4 store managers, 6 assistant store managers over hardlines, and about 14 leads in the tools/lawn & garden/sporting goods area.
29. I used to have nightmares about not being able to sell Protection Agreements, and I still remember some stock numbers – I haven’t worked there for almost two years.
30. I recently found out that my sister’s neighbor was my old manager at K-Mart.
31. I grew up in a dog family.  My sister has a Great Dane and a Boxer.  I have two cats.
32. I really like Mountain Dew.  Given a choice, I’ll drink Mountain Dew 90% of the time.
33. I used to not be able to drink Mountain Dew because it wreaked havoc on my stomach, and I’d be in the bathroom half of the night.  I have thankfully moved past that stage.  I still won’t drink Coke out of a 20oz. bottle for the same reason why I didn’t drink Mountain Dew.
34. I don’t understand why the new Mountain Dew cans says, “Mtn Dew.”  I thought “mountain” was abbreviated “Mt.”
35. I absolutely love to eat burgers.  When asked what I want to eat, I almost always say, “A burger.”
36. Burger King has the best specialty fast food cheeseburgers (Angry Whopper, Steakhouse Whopper, Loaded Steakhouse Whopper…).  Hardee’s has the best fast food burger period.  McDonald’s burger is crap in comparison to both of these, but I still eat it.
37. In spite of my love for burgers, I wasn’t impressed with Red Robin – a gourmet burger chain.
38. I love Steak n Shake, Culver’s, 96th Street Burgers and Five Guys burgers as well, and those are just the chains…
39. When I don’t want a burger, I could usually go for a good steak.
40. Ribeye steaks are probably my favorite; though I certainly enjoy a good T-bone and a good sirloin.