>All the more reason to get excited about the spring!  My fantasy baseball team is in, and it looks pretty good.  I got the #2 pick in my league’s draft, which netted me my periennial #1 choice, Albert Pujols.

So here’s the lineup:
C – Pablo Sandoval
1B – Albert Pujols
2B – Jose Lopez
3B – Carlos Guillen
SS – Stephen Drew
OF – Torii Hunter
OF – Raul Ibanez
OF – Delmon Young
SS – J.J. Hardy
OF – Michael Bourn
1B – Joey Votto
OF – Skip Shumaker (could also be listed as 2B if the Spring Training switch happens)
Starting Pitchers
Johan Santana
Tim Lincecum
Brandon Webb
Jake Peavy
James Shields
Oliver Perez
John Smoltz
Relief Pitchers
Brad Lidge
Carlos Marmol
There’s bound to be some changes along the way.  I could probably trade one of my starters for a closer, and there’s definitely some room for flexibility on the bench.  All in all, I’d say that’s a pretty good team.  The offense is decent, and the pitching is great.  We’ll see how the season goes.  It’s baseball, anything can happen.