>I came across a post when I was going through my Google Reader yesterday morning.  It’s called MegaChurch Mumbo Jumbo.  Written by Tim Stevens, one of the pastors at Granger Community Church, it talks a bit about what I mentioned in my sermon yesterday.

I said that I’m more concerned about people reaching out to those that don’t know Christ and growing in faith than finding ways to get more people in the building.  He says, “From my earliest days at Granger with 350 people in the congregation, our conversations were focused on helping more people take a step toward Jesus. We talked about reaching more of our unchurched community with the love of Jesus and about making an ever-greater impact on the needs in our community. The result? We grew. Pretty soon we had 500, then 700, then 1500, and eventually 2,000…”
Numerical growth happens when you stop concerning yourself with it, and begin to focus on the bigger things – such as reaching out and growing in the faith.  Something to think about.