>I came across an articlethis evening about a burger.  Not just any burger, though.  One of the world’s most intricate delicacies that would make chefs around the universe wet their pants in fear and trembling.  My mouth is salivating…

It’s called the Fifth Third Burger.  Named after both the stadium that created this intense culinary delight, and the five one-third pound hamburger patties that make up this delightful piece of art.

Here is a description of the burger:
– Five one-third pound hamburger patties
– 8 inch bun
– nearly a cup of chili
– five slices of American cheese
– Fritos
– dollops of salsa, nacho cheese and sour cream
– lettuce and tomato
It has enough fat to cover an average man’s daily percentage for nearly two weeks.  Now that’s a burger.  Yum….