>Stop #2 on the summer movie tour is Nicolas Cage’s Knowing.  The movie begins in 1959 (I think it was ’59, anyway) with a ceremony at a new elementary school.  A little girl, who is clearly disturbed in some way, writes a series of numbers on a piece of paper that is destined for the time capsule that will be opened in 50 years.  This is when we flash forward and meeting John (Nicky C.) and his son, Caleb.

John is a professor, and we get a glimpse of his outlook on life during one of his lectures.  He believes that things just happen randomly, and without any purpose.  Of course, with that speech coming so early in the movie, you know that it is going to be challenged.  It is, not surprisingly, when Caleb is the recepient of the little girl’s page of numbers.  One night, while Caleb is asleep, John begins to look at this sheet of paper and with the omniscience of the internet is able to discern that the numbers are a code for disasters that have occurred over the last 50 years (disasters that included the 9/11 attacks, earthquakes, plane crashes, and even the hotel fire that killed John’s wife).
Meanwhile, Caleb is followed around by creepy blonde-haired guys in black jackets, who apparently cannot talk audibly.  They are referred to as the “whisper-people” by Caleb and a friend that he meets later in the movie.  These two can hear the whisper-people talking, while nobody else can.
Everything comes together in an ending that can only be described as catastrophic… and really weird.
My assessement: though there is some violence, it is not over the top.  I don’t seem to remember a lot of bad language throughout the movie either.  It certainly is a movie that makes you think about how we are all connected in some way.
My recommendation: it’s worth a look at the theater, especially since it should be coming to a dollar theater near you soon.  Otherwise, wait for the DVD, and maybe don’t watch it in the dark when it’s really hot outside.  Once you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.