>Up was a somewhat unexpected stop on my summer movie tour. For his birthday, Katie and I told our nephew that we’d take him to see whatever movie he wanted to see, and this was the one that he picked. Now, I have a feeling I would have seen it eventually, simply because I don’t tend to miss the movies that Pixar puts out (Ratatouille is the lone exception). They are usually quality movies, and Up was no exception.

Up is about an old man who has had enough and decides to go on a journey by the most unusual means. It starts off by letting the viewer know why the main character, Carl, is the way he is. It begins by a young boy meeting a young girl and briefly follows them as they get married and enjoy their lives together. However, his wife passes away and he is left alone – a quiet, widower whose neighborhood is being lost to the high-rise developments all around his house. He hatches a plan to tie thousands of balloons to his house and float off on an adventure to South America.
My assessment: Up is a great story with an even better message. The animation is unbelievable and very realistic. Pixar certainly has another hit on its hands.
My recommendation: I’m a little torn on this one. I am certainly glad that I saw it in the theater, but you could just as easily enjoy this one at home. How ’bout a compromise? See this one when the tickets aren’t at a ridiculously high price and you have some free time. Either way, definitely go see Up; it’s well worth your time.