>Katie and I were out in Indy on Monday evening to have dinner with her family. As we were getting ready to head home, Katie asked, “Do you want to go see a movie?” Given the facts: 1) I wasn’t tired (in spite of it being 9 p.m.), and 2) I want to see as many movies as possible this summer, I said, “Sure!” We ended up seeing Year One. Year One is a comedy about two guys who leave their tribe in the forest (or, more correctly, are forced to leave their tribe), and end up running into a few characters along the way: Cain and Abel, Adam and Abraham to name a few. It is an irreverent romp through the book of Genesis that winds up in Sodom with all the sodomy jokes to go along with it.

My assessment: It is filled with sexual humor – anything from circumcision, to sex with the opposite sex, to sodomy appear to be fair game. However, it wasn’t so abrasive that it made me walk away shaking my head at the inappropriateness of it all. It certainly was inappropriate, and I’m not sure if this is one that I would buy down the road. But Jack Black and Michael Cera are absolutely hilarious. Their delivery of some of the sex-related jokes certainly eases the abrasive nature of them in the first place. In spite of all the sex humor, there is no nudity in the movie, which also makes it a bit more bearable as well.
My recommendation: I’m not too sure what to say here. I really did think it was funny, in spite of the inappropriate sexual humor. Black and Cera were certainly cast well in these roles, and I think if it hadn’t be them, I wouldn’t have laughed nearly as much. If you can put your waders on and get through the muck, it’s worth seeing, but I would wait until it came out on DVD to see it.