>As part of my new weekly routine, and in large part thanks to Katie’s new work schedule, I think I’m going to be spending Wednesdays in Indy. I’ll use it as a time to finish up some work, meet with some friends in ministry and visit people that are in the hospital. What will not be a regular part of my upcoming Wednesday routine is seeing a movie; however, the last couple of weeks have been ridiculously busy and haven’t been able to relax hardly at all. So, I took a couple hours this afternoon to go see one of the first blockbuster movies of the summer, which surprisingly was still in the theater.

Star Trek is the much-anticipated reboot of a series brought to us by J.J. Abrams. It certainly did not disappoint. I was talking with Katie a couple days ago about my top 3 movies for the summer, and Star Trek just booted one of those out of that lofty position. Star Trek tells the story of James Tiberius Kirk and the first voyage of the Enterprise. You do not have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy this movie, and that is probably the best aspect about it.
My assessment: Star Trek is full of action, adventure, and humor, as well as engaging the brain a little bit as well. It certainly deserved to be one of the first blockbusters of the summer. It’s only real disservice is that it may have come out at a bad time. The movies that came out right after it quickly drew our attention away. The acting is not bad, the storyline is good and the special effects are incredible.
My recommendation: If this is still in a theater near you, go see it. It’s worth the full evening price if you can’t make it out during the daytime. One of the best movies of the summer. See it in the theater, and buy it when it comes out on DVD.