I haven’t put too much on here about some of the cooking that I do. I actually really like to cook. Katie is much better at it, so she’s the one that does most of the cooking; however, the grill is where I do most of my magic.

Tonight’s dinner was a grill adventure. I spent some time this afternoon putting together a recipe that we saw on Alton Brown’s Good Eats for a grilled pork tenderloin and marinade. The idea was supposed to be that this tenderloin would cook on the grill. Unfortunately, I think I ran out of propane because even on high, the flame was really low and the grill wasn’t heating above 150 degrees. So, I had to finish it on a grill pan on the stove. Regardless, the results were delicious. Below you’ll find a couple of pictures of tonight’s culinary adventure. Believe me, it tasted better than it looked.
The grilled pork tenderloin was coupled with fried potatoes, green beans, King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls, and a salad (made with freshly picked cherry tomatoes and cucumber). Great dinner.
First picture is the tenderloin on the stove, and the second is the finished product.