>I have been using Google Analytics to track some of the visits and other things to this site since, I think, March. It’s kind of interesting to see all of the random things that it reports. Here’s a little taste of the randomness of this blog:

From where are people visiting?
As you would probably expect the majority of the site visits have come from the U.S. (625 out of the 719, 87%); however a few other countries have joined in on the randomness as well, including: #2 the United Kingdom, #3 Australia, #4 Brazil, and #5 Canada. Not to mention: Philippines, Sweden, Serbia, Malaysia, Croatia, Colombia and Saudi Arabia. There are several others, but those are the most interesting.
What keywords are leading people to this blog?
This is one of my favorite ones. You never know what will pop up in a search engine. Here are some of the keyword searches: “how to beat farkle,” “chicago cubs demotivational posters,” “spiritual transformers principles more than meets the eye,” “the proposal bullock,” “asbury seminary,” “is farkle a bad game for christians,” and “random goat in transformers.”
What have been the most popular posts?
Besides the main page, there have been quite a few posts that have set themselves apart as most viewed on this blog since March 1, 2009. And they are:
Well, there you have it, some of the randomness of Random Thoughts in it’s first 4.5 months of existence. I’ll chime in from time to time to update y’all on some more stats.