>I went to Crawfordsville today to do some grocery shopping. Along the way, I got a little tired of the commercials on MLB radio on XM, so I switched to one of the comedy stations. On it was Weird Al Yankovic’s Trapped in the Drive Thru, a song I had heard before by one of today’s foremost lyrical masters. So, I listened to it. It’s a long song. I mean, a really long song – in the 10+ minute range.

The irony of it all is that on my way out of town, my stomach got the best of me, and I decided to stop at Burger King for a bite to eat. I ended up spending about that same amount of time in the drive-thru of this particular Burger King, which is not good, considering I was the only car in the drive-thru.
You’ll have to click on the link above if you have a few extra minutes. It’s relatively worth it.