>I figured that I would continue my movie review segments when I go out to see a movie (or even for the occasional rental). I enjoyed doing it this summer, and I think I’ll keep it up. Last week, Katie and I saw Couples Retreat starring Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, and John Favreau among others (seriously, there’s quite a few people in this movie that I have seen before).

Plot Summary
Four couples end up going on vacation together in what literally appears to be paradise. I’m not much of a beach person, but even I wanted to go where they were filming this movie. Absolutely gorgeous! Anyhoo! These four couples end up doing relationship building exercises together during their vacation and learn quite a bit about themselves as couples.
I really liked Couples Retreat. There was certainly some objectionable material within the movie (like the yoga scene, yikes!), but I think it is not done completely out of context or out of character for the people in the movie. Again, the location was gorgeous, which almost makes the movie worth seeing right off the bat.
Bottom Line
It’s worth your time, as long as you aren’t going to be offended by some colorful language and mildly suggestive scenes. I think Katie and I had a real good time seeing this one, and would probably watch it again.
Best Part
One of Vince Vaughn’s kids uses the bathroom at Home Depot… in a display toilet… twice. Hilarious!