>The last couple of years, we’ve decided that instead of buying something, we wanted to spend some time with our nieces and nephew. So, we have a special day just for them. When the other two get older, we are definitely thinking about doing the same thing. This weekend, Katie and I took our oldest niece out to see Fame.

Plot Summary
Fame follows a handful (six or seven) teenagers as they audition, get accepted and go through four hears of high school at a special performing arts school (I think in New York City). It traces the awkward beginning, the “coming of age,” and the difficulties of their high school career.
Honestly, I didn’t expect a whole lot out of this movie. I love my niece very much, and that’s why I went to see it. I really expected to be tearing out my eyeballs 30 minutes into the movie. That was not the case. I was pleasantly surprised. Realistically, if I just look at the movie from a “movie snob” standpoint, it wasn’t that good. There is not a lot of character development, the plot is predictable and the acting isn’t great. However, I’m not a movie snob.
Bottom Line
If you are a fan of music and the arts, you’ll love this movie. Don’t expect an Oscar worthy script or acting, and you’ll be all right. Wait for it to come out on DVD, and stop by a Redbox to pick it up for a night.
Best Part
Soundtrack. Hands down. The music is incredible. I may not be a fan of hip-hop, but I am a fan of good music, and this movie definitely has it.