>I like reviewing movies. I like watching movies. In fact, I would almost rather watch a movie than television on any given night… except Thursday nights on NBC. Okay, so six out of seven night, I would rather watch a movie… except when Criminal Minds is on, but that’s only an hour on Wednesday nights; oh, and Top Chef…. Hmmmm. All right five and a half nights out of the week, I would rather watch a movie than television.

The advent of a handy little thing called “Redbox” has made watching new movies on DVD much easier, and much cheaper than going to the store to rent a movie. Additionally, Netflix is quite handy in this capacity as well – we switched to the 1 movie at a time, unlimited Instant Watch, and it’s less than $10/month.
So, to begin this new, semi-regular feature. Let’s take a look at Land of the Lost.
Will Ferrell plays Rick Marshall, who is a scientist doing research on time travel. He is basically laughed out of the scientific community for chasing this dream until one day a young lady shows up and believes in his work. He ends up finishing his time traveling machine, and they go to a place in the Arizona desert where they think it will work. Sure enough, it does. What follows is a long series of events involving a new monkey-man friend named Chaka, a tour guide named Will, a smarter than expected T-Rex and an alien race known as the Sleestaks.
This movie makes no sense; however, I found myself laughing at nearly every turn. It is totally random and completely goofy, and I find that to be hilarious. I heard a lot of movie critics bash the movie when it came out this summer, but it looked funny, and it came through. You may or may not know that Land of the Lost is based on a Saturday morning television show of the same name. I expected it to be campy and goofy. The language was a little worse than I expected from a PG-13 movie, but it isn’t over the top offensive.
Bottom Line
If you like Will Ferrell, and if you like goofy movies, you’ll like this one. Don’t go in expecting to be blown away by the storyline. Go into it expecting to have a few laughs and a good time. It’s out in Redboxes right now, so… enjoy!
Best Part
Shortly after arriving, the trio and their new pal Chaka are being chased by a T-Rex. They run across a bridge, the T-Rex comes up to the bridge and decides to walk away. Dr. Marshall says something about a T-Rex’s brain being the size of a walnut, and the T-Rex hears him, turns around, and jumps over the chasm to continue the chase. Later that night, they here a rumbling on the outside of their cave, and they go out to see what it was, only to find a giant walnut about the size of Dr. Marshall’s torso.