>I guess the most obvious reason why I preach is because it is my job. Seriously though, I know that when I preach I am doing something that 1) I’m good at (not trying to brag, just repeating what everyone else has said), and 2) I am called to do.

If I was not a pastor, I would probably be a teacher. It is no surprise, therefore, that I am a teaching pastor. My style of preaching is conversational (some of which gets lost in translation if you are reading the sermons on this blog). I like to look at the history of the text, sometimes I go back to the original language, and I try to make it applicable. I’ve said before that if people aren’t challenged or a little uncomfortable, then either they aren’t listening or I’m not doing my job.
That being said, I came across something I found very interesting today – FunnySermons.com. I see the importance of humor; however, is the point of a sermon to be entertaining, or to speak truth into one’s life? I think humor can be an element of the sermon, but it shouldn’t be the focus. When I preach, I may say something funny from time to time, but my intention is not to be funny.
Here is a quote from the site: “Never underestimate the power of humor. It is the best way to gain attention and rapport. It creates entertaining and mesmerizing sermons while making a pastor look charismatic. People love to laugh. Preachers who use humor have bigger churches and are in demand for other speaking engagements.
What??? Is that why we preach? Is the point of preaching to be entertaining and mesmerizing? Is the point of preaching to make me look charismatic? Is the point of preaching to have a bigger church and be an in-demand speaker? No. Absolutely not.
Preaching needs to affect life change. Preaching needs to help the people see how their lives are connected to the story of Scripture. Preaching needs to challenge us because Scripture challenges us. Can there be humor along the way? Absolutely! Should that be the point of a sermon? Absolutely not!
I don’t know. Maybe I’m taking this the wrong way. But too often I think that people want to make worship into a production. All the bells and whistles for a worship service are nice, but they aren’t necessary when it comes to affecting life change.
What do you think? Am I off base here? How important is humor when it comes to preaching?