>This has been a fun week for me. In one league, I was matched up against a guy who decided to have his entire fantasy roster filled with players from the Detroit Lions (even on the bye week!). In another, I was matched up against my lovely wife. And in another, I was battling to hang onto first place and it was going to come down to MNF. Exciting week in fantasy land!

Team 1: Yahoo! League – Team Swish
QB – P. Manning
WR – D. Driver, M. Crabtree, Austin Collie
RB – D. Williams, J. Addai
TE – J. Witten
K – N. Rackers
DEF – Indianapolis
High scorer: DeAngelo Williams, 26.10 points
Low scorer: Austin Collie, 2.60 points
Result: Swish 109.22, Detroit Lions 51.50 (6-3, t-2nd overall, 3rd place points)
Team 2: ESPN League Brick Squad – Veedersburg Killer Wombats
QB – P. Rivers
RB – J. Addai, T. Hightower
WR – H. Ward, R. Wayne, D. Hester
TE – T. Gonzalez
D/ST – Patriots
K – M. Prater
High scorer: Joseph Addai, 22 points
Low scorer: Patriots, 3 points
Result: Veedersburg Killer Wombats 94, Gym Shortz Blueballs 82 (7-2, 1st place overall)
Team 3: ESPN League Swish’s Pals – Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys
QB – D. Brees
RB – P. Thomas, R. Rice
WR – R. White, D. Hester, M. Crabtree
TE – T. Gonzalez
D/ST – Seahawks
K – Orlando Mare
High scorer: Ray Rice/Seahawks, 18 points each
Low scorer: Roddy White, 2 points
Result: Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys 103, Photogenic Apple Tots 92 (6-3, t-1st overall record, 2nd points)