>Posted my first L in a while in one of the leagues, but things are still looking good. ESPN leagues start their playoffs next week. Weeks 14-15 are the first round and Weeks 16-17 are the second round. I like that format a lot better than in the Yahoo! leagues where the playoffs are just Weeks 15 and 16 for both rounds (1 week/round). Anyhoo, here’s the update!

Team 1: Yahoo! League – Swish
QB – P. Manning
WR – D. Driver, M. Crabtree, S. Rice
RB – M. Forte, K. Moreno
TE – J. Witten
K – Shayne Graham
DEF – Baltimore
High scorer: Knowshon Moreno, 20.60
Low scorer: Michael Crabtree, 6.00 points
Result: Swish 103.70, DARKNESS 90.56 (10-3, 2nd place overall)
Commentary: I put Moreno in as a last-minute sub for DeAngelo Williams. Sometimes you just make the right call! Darkness was on an 8 game winning streak at that point and had a 2 game lead over me in the standings. Going into the last week, I have a shot at catching him in the standings, but his points will still put him in 1st place. I’ve basically clinched the 2nd seed for the playoffs.
Team 2: ESPN League Bricksquad – Veedersburg Killer Wombats
QB – P. Rivers
RB – A. Peterson, J. Addai, C. Williams
WR – R. Wayne, H. Ward
TE – T. Gonzalez
D/ST – Bears
K – Rob Bironas
High scorer: Philip Rivers, 22 points
Low scorer: Reggie Wayne, 4 points
Result: Veedersburg Killer Wombats 97, MIA_305 Zombies 104 (9-3-1, 1st place in Division 2)
Commentary: I had all the maximum points out there; no substitutions would have made it any closer. Sometimes, you just get beat. A win this week would have sealed the #1 seed for me in this league; however, with the loss and the tie a couple week’s ago, I ended up .5 game back in the race for the best overall record and start the playoffs next week with the #2 seed.
Team 3: ESPN League Swish’s Pals – Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys
QB – D. Brees
RB – K. Moreno, R. Rice, P. Thomas
WR – S. Rice, M. Crabtree
TE – T. Gonzalez
D/ST – Bengals
K – D. Carpenter
High scorer: Drew Brees, 26 points
Low scorer: Ray Rice, 4 points
Result: Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys 105, Team Baker 52 (10-3, 1st place overall)
Commentary: Sometimes you make the right call, sometimes you don’t. I put in Crabtree for Roddy White prior to leaving for church, and then changed my mind, but couldn’t change it back in time to do anything about it. White had 16 points, Crabtree had 6. Turns out, it didn’t matter all that much this time since the margin of victory was greater than the points my opponent put up. Even before this week, I had the #1 seed taken care of in this league.