>Playoffs have started in the ESPN Leagues. Last week of the regular season for Yahoo!

Team 1: Yahoo! League – Swish
QB – P. Manning
WR – D. Driver, S. Rice, Terrell Owens
RB – K. Moreno, J. Addai
TE – J. Witten
K – S. Graham
DEF – Baltimore
High scorer: Peyton Manning, 21.50 points
Low scorer: Donald Driver, 1.10 points
Result: Swish 80.10, Raiders 93.98 (10-4, #2 seed in playoffs)
Team 2: ESPN League Bricksquad – Veedersburg Killer Wombats
QB – P. Rivers
RB – A. Peterson, J. Addai
WR – Kenny Britt, R. Wayne, H. Ward
TE – T. Gonzalez
D/ST – Vikings
K – Rob Bironas
High scorer: Adrian Peterson, 25 points
Low scorer: Hines Ward, 2 points
Result: Veedersburg Killer Wombats 91, Ltown Eagles 112 (Week 1 of 2 for the first round of the playoffs, meaning that I need to beat him by 22 points next week to advance to the championship game.)
Team 3: ESPN League Swish’s Pals – Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys
QB – D. Brees
RB – P. Thomas, R. Rice
WR – Kenny Britt, R. White, S. Rice
TE – T. Gonzalez
D/ST – Ravens
K – Jay Feely
High scorer: Drew Brees, 29 points
Low scorer: Roddy White, 4 points
Result: Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys 116, Chinese Bandits 62 (Week 1 of 2 for the first round of the playoffs. Feeling good about going into next week; if he can outscore me by 55 points, then it would be a miracle, and he deserves it!)