>First round of the playoffs is complete in all three leagues. ESPN leagues were in week 2, while Yahoo! league was in its first and only week of the first round.

Team 1: Yahoo! League – Team Swish
QB – P. Manning
WR – D. Driver, S. Rice, M. Crabtree
RB – K. Moreno, J. Addai
TE – J. Witten
K – S. Graham
DEF – Arizona
High scorer: Peyton Manning, 27.02 points
Low scorer: Michael Crabtree, 2.60 points
Result: Swish 80.92, ilikepie 144.42
Commentary: You know you’re not in a good position to win when your second and third leading scorers are the kicker and defense. One the bright side, with 144 points against me, even if I had a great week, I probably would have lost.
Team 2: ESPN League Bricksquad – Veedersburg Killer Wombats
QB – P. Rivers
RB – A. Peterson, J. Addai
WR – Kenny Britt, R. Wayne, H. Ward
TE – Kellen Winslow
D/ST – Texans
K – S. Graham
High scorer: Philip Rivers, 20 points
Low scorer: Kenny Britt
Result: Veedersburg Killer Wombats 106, Ltown Eagles 84
Composite Result: Veedersburg Killer Wombats 197, Ltown Eagles 196
Commentary: Wow. It doesn’t get much closer than that. I didn’t think I had enough to come back after being down by so much in the first week. Next two weeks is the league championship game against a team that went 6-6-1 in the regular season.
Team 3: ESPN League Swish’s Pals – Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys
QB – D. Brees
RB – P. Thomas, R. Rice, K. Moreno
WR – S. Rice, K. Britt
TE – T. Gonzalez
DEF – Ravens
K – S. Graham
High scorer: Ravens, 18 points
Low scorer: Kenny Britt, 3 points
Result: Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys 78, Chinese Bandits 98
Composite Result: Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys 194, Chinese Bandits 160
Commentary: This ended up being a lot closer than it should have been. That Monday night game ended up paying major dividends for the Bandits with point totals of 28, 20 and 10 for the three players he had going. Fortunately for me, 54 points is pretty hard to make up. The championship round is going to feature the two highest scoring teams of the season. Should be a great match-up.