>I thought it would be fun to do a rundown of the final numbers for the players on my fantasy football teams. I started with the ESPN leagues, and was going to do the Yahoo! league, but for two reasons, I didn’t. 1) I didn’t really care about the Yahoo! league, and 2) They started using decimal points in their scores, and I didn’t want to mess with it. Don’t judge me.

First, the awards and criteria:
1) Super Sub – the player with the most average points with only 1 or 2 starts
2) Best Week – the player with the highest single week score of the season
3) 1st Team – played at least 5 games and averaged 10 points/game
4) Weekly MVP – the high scorer of the week
5) Overall MVP – the highest scorer of the season
ESPN League Bricksquad: Veedersburg Killer Wombats MVP’s
1) Super Sub – K Rob Bironas, 2 starts, 12 points on average
2) Best Week – RB Adrian Peterson, Week 1, 37 points
3) 1st Team: QB Philip Rivers (14 starts, 17.07 points), RB Adrian Peterson (16 starts, 17.67 points), RB Joseph Addai (13 starts, 12.76 points), WR Reggie Wayne (14 starts, 12.28 points), D/ST Bears (5 starts, 12.6 points)
4) Weekly MVP – QB Philip Rivers 6, QB Ben Roethlisberger 3, RB Adrian Peterson 3, WR Hines Ward 2, WR Reggie Wayne 2, RB Joseph Addai 1, D/ST Bears 1
5) Overall MVP – RB Adrian Peterson, 265 points
ESPN League Swish’s Pals – Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys
1) Super Sub – RB Jerome Harrison, 2 starts 19 points on average
2) Best Week – QB Drew Brees, Week 1, 48 points
3) 1st Team: QB Drew Brees (14 starts, 23.20 points), RB Ray Rice (16 starts, 14.25 points), RB Pierre Thomas (12 starts, 11.16 points), RB Knowshon Moreno (8 starts, 12 points), WR Roddy White (13 starts, 11.2 points), WR Sidney Rice (10 starts, 11.9 points), D/ST Ravens (9 starts, 11.22 points)
4) Weekly MVP – QB Drew Brees 9, RB Pierre Thomas 2, D/ST Ravens 2, WR White 2, WR Rice 1, RB Rice 1, D/ST Seahawks 1
5) Overall MVP – QB Drew Brees, 348 points
Since the Hillsboro Rabid Monkeys is a keeper league, I’ll be looking at this kind of stuff to help me out in deciding who to keep. It’s a good bet that Drew Brees and Ray Rice will be on my team next season, but the real question is, “Who else?” That will be answered next season!