>Katie and I were getting a little stir crazy after several days of not leaving the house due to the snow, so we took Saturday afternoon and crossed the time zone to see a movie in Danville. I picked Avatar for our last movie, so it was her turn, and I’ll let you guess what she picked.

Plot Summary
The story revolves around two people who have been divorced for ten years. One of their children graduates from college, and after an evening of dinner, conversation, dancing, and a whole lot of alcohol, they end up sleeping together, even though Jake (the ex-husband) is currently married to the woman for whom he left Jane (the ex-wife). This begins an affair between the two, and life begins to become very complicated for the former spouses.
My parents went to see this a week or so ago, and they both thought that it was pretty funny. Because of that, I was looking forward to seeing it. And, all in all, it didn’t disappoint. I found myself laughing quite a bit. In fact, there were a couple of times that the entire theater was laughing and I missed a line or two. However, that being said, I would say that there are a lot of objectionable parts to the movie. It’s definitely not one for the kids.
Afterwards, I told Katie that it was kind of a mix between Golden Girls (and if you want to know how I feel about Golden Girls… well, just don’t ask…) and American Pie, but a lot more high-brow humor than the latter. It was a lot more raunchy than I expected, even though there really isn’t any nudity (save for one scene which was pretty funny). I don’t remember the language being all that bad, apart from all the sex related dialog.
This is kind of hard. There were a lot of parts that really were funny. There were also a lot of parts that were quite uncomfortable. I don’t really talk about sex with my parents, and this movie is basically about people my parents’ age having sex. It is definitely not for the less mature audience (which, of course, is why it is rated R in the first place!). I would say wait for it to come to your local Redbox. That way, you can see it, but you don’t run the risk of being seen watching it in public (that last part is a joke, insert laughter now….. I’ll wait….. okay, done? Good, moving on.)
Best Part
There’s really two parts of this movie that are really great. First, John Krasinski (aka Jim from The Office) is hilarious throughout. He plays the same type of guy in almost all his parts, but he is so good in those parts and pretty funny. Second, there is a scene when Jake sneaks into Jane’s room while she is in the bathroom, takes off all his clothes and lays in the bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. The laptop is strategically placed, but unbeknown to Jake, Jane is talking to a friend that she just started dating (Adam, played by Steve Martin) via webcam. Needless to say, I won’t be able to look at Jack Donaghy the same way again (30 Rock reference for those not in the loop on one of television’s funniest shows).