I can’t wait until the baseball season starts. I gave serious thought to putting Spring Training at the #1 spot again on this week’s Friday Five, but thought better of it. So, without any more boring introduction:
#5 – Canadian women bring home hockey gold
Apparently Canada has had a heck of a time in these Olympics. It’s hard being the host and living up to the overly high expectations (just as Albert Pujols about last year’s All Star Game in St. Louis). Of course, according to Deadspin.com the real story is that after they won the gold, the ladies decided to celebrate… with beer and cigars… on the ice… and at least one of them is underage. Oh, Canada….
#4 – USA Hockey beats Canada
In what some were calling the biggest US Olympic hockey game since the 1980 Olympic game against Russia, the US hockey team beat the Canadians. It is the first victory over Canada since 1960 for the men’s team. The men could very well have a rematch against Canada if both teams win their semi-final match-up today.
#3 – Kentucky gets a little payback on South Carolina
You may remember a few weeks ago, just after Kentucky hit #1 in the Men’s College Basketball polls, they promptly went into South Carolina and lost. Well, on Thursday night, they exacted their revenge. Kentucky beat down South Carolina 82-61 at Rupp Arena. Why is this #3? Because it’s my top 5!
#2 – Purdue loses Hummel for the season
Junior Robbie Hummel, a key player on #3 Purdue, busted up his knee in the game against Ohio State this week. It is a major blow to the Boilermakers. However, it goes about as far in hurting their Final Four chances as them making the tournament in the first place. In other words, don’t expect to see Purdue in the Final Four, with or without Hummel.
#1 – “Old” star running backs released
The running back fraternity took a major blow this week when two quality veterans were released by their teams. LaDainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook were released by their respective teams this week. Westbrook has dealt with injuries nearly every season that I have had him on my fantasy teams, and LT has had a severe drop-off in production in the last couple of years. This just goes to show you that 30 really is old, so I’m gonna live it up while I’m still young…. i.e. for another 362 days.