>The Tourney once again takes center stage on this week’s Friday Five, but let’s be honest most of us stopped watching just before 8 on Saturday night.

5) Milton Bradley continues to be… well, Milton Bradley
Guess Who? That’s right, in a span of three games this week, Milton Bradley managed to get Ants in the Pants and in Aggravation, the umpires ejected him from two of the games. It really just Boggles the mind that Bradley is still playing the game. You’d figure the league would Connect Four dots together and just send him away on a Battleship somewhere to be somebody else’s problem. You’d think he’d get a Clue and just say Sorry, but it just seems like he’s trying to get the Monopoly on crazy in baseball. Okay, that was fun.
4) Eagles listening to trade offers on their QB’s
The Eagles have been listening to trade offers for McNabb, Kolb or Vick this offseason. I think a lot of people were wondering what they were thinking in signing Vick in the first place. It wasn’t exactly going to be a dogfight to figure out who was going to be the starting QB in Philly… oh wait, did I just say “dogfight”… oops.
3) Bizarre Opening Day starter announced
Okay, usually, when I have baseball news to report, it is usually in reference to a big story or the Cardinals; however, I couldn’t help but talk about this. Mike & Mike in the Morning occasionally has a segment called “News of the Weird,” and I think this qualifies in that segment. Vincente Padilla was named the Opening Day Starter for the LA Dodgers. That’s right, Dodger fans, the man who has a lifetime ERA of “I suck” is going to be your Opening Day starter. Now, the only reason I figure Torre is doing this is because it would put Kershaw as the starter for their home opener. Either way, it’s weird, and doesn’t project a lot of hope for the 2010 Dodgers.
2) Butler knocks off the second #1 seed
Syracuse became the second #1 seed to disappoint an eager nation. And by “eager nation,” I don’t mean my lovely wife, who has Butler losing to Kentucky in the National Championship Game. I’ve already lost the Swisher Family Bracket Challenge for 2010.
1) Northern Iowa caused 60% of America to stop caring about their office pool
We had guests over on Saturday night. We were getting ready to sit down for a nice supper of spaghetti and meatballs (awesome ones at that!), when I decided to check in on the tournament. And then watched all my assumptions melt away with one critical 3-point shot. Now, I went to the University of Evansville, which is in the same conference as Northern Iowa. Therefore, as a matter of the transitive property, I have defeated Kansas, and thus killed my bracket. I don’t really know where I was going with that one.