>Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five! It’s been another fun week in sports, let’s get to it!

5) NCAA might expand Tourney field
The rumor out there is that there is a lot of talk about the NCAA expanding the current tournament field from 64 (okay, really 65 if you count the play-in game) to a whopping 96 teams. Basically, the top 32 teams would receive a first round bye in the new format. That’s right, the 1-8 seeds in each region would get a free pass in the first game. Of course, now the bubble teams are going to be the ones who are somewhere around the 100 ranking. It’s all about the money, folks. Let’s just be honest. Good-bye 12-5 upsets! Hello infinitely more complicated NCAA office pool!
4) Dayton Flyers spare UNC from historic embarrassment
The Dayton Flyers ended UNC’s historic run to become the first team to have ever won the NCAA Tourney one year, followed by the NIT the next. Of course, I wouldn’t really call that an accomplishment. I wouldn’t want to be on a National Championship team one year and then be the butt of jokes from goof-balls such as myself the next by winning the #66 spot in the nation. I really think the 96-team expansion in the NCAA tourney is just a way to make the NIT more irrelevant, if that’s even possible.
3) Donovan McNabb trade rumors
I’ve heard a lot of talk this week about possible trades that the Eagles are looking into concerning their “bum” of a QB. After all, he’s only led them to five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. What a loser! The biggest rumor that got everyone all worked up would have sent McNabb to the Black Hole… literally, Oakland. It’s almost like McNabb is a giant fire hydrant, and the Eagles are the local great dane that eats children and pees where it wants.
2) The Denard Span Incident
I caught this one live. I was watching the Twins-Yankees on ESPN (hey, I’m really ready for baseball), when the game’s lead-off hitter, Twins OF Denard Span fouled a ball off into the stands. The ball hit a fan that was watching the game, and that person needed medical attention. Span felt so bad that he ran over to make sure the person was okay. Turns out, the person was wearing a Span jersey. Turns out, the person was there because Span gave her the ticket. Turns out, it was Span’s mother. That’s right, Mrs. Span was smacked with a foul ball hit by her son. (Just a tip, Mrs. Span, you may not want to let him pick out your nursing home.) What’s even better, Span was so rattled that he came out of the game to make sure she was all right, and she was mad at him for coming out of the game. That, folks, is what happens to overly competitive Little League parents.
1) Final Four Field Filled Out
My wife is a flippin’ genius. I’m not kidding. Her Final Four, which I laughed at: Michigan State, Butler, Duke, Kentucky (who ended up losing to West Virginia, the final entrant). Wow. 3 out of 4 in this year’s crazy tournament is pretty darn good if you ask me. I’m still undecided as to who I am rooting for. Should I go with the local team, Butler, whose campus is just 10-15 minutes from Lucas Oil, and 30 minutes away from where I grew up. Or should I go with Duke, the United Methodist institution that was my second choice for seminary? Eh, maybe I’ll pull for both to win, and then meet in an epic final game.