>Welcome to this week’s edition of the Friday Five in what is quite possibly one of the busiest weeks in sports.

5) The Frozen Four
Okay, I have no real reason to include this in my Friday Five because I don’t care about hockey, and I care about college hockey even less. However, before bed last night, I turned the TV on and the BC/Miami(OH) game was on. This final is being played at Forbes Field. That’s right, they turned a football stadium into a hockey arena in a town where there is already a hockey arena. I don’t know if they were expecting a big crowd, and that’s why they had it here, but there couldn’t have been more than 4,000 people scattered around that stadium last night. Anyhoo, Wisconsin and Boston College are going to face off for the title game.
4) The Masters gets underway
The first major is underway. Of course, the big story is that Tiger Woods is making his return to the PGA Tour with this event. It’s apparently a big story because he cheated on his wife multiple times. I guess that’s what it takes to be big stuff in the golf world. Personally, I’m rooting for my childhood favorite Freddie Couples, who is leading after the first day.
3) Women’s Tourney Finale
UCONN has continued it’s winning ways, but for the first time in their 4,367 game winning streak, they won by less than 10 points. Their second consecutive undefeated season and national championship came on the 2 year anniversary of their last lost, and they beat the last team to win against them in the process. And apparently, since there’s not enough hype on the WNBA, they had their draft two days after the championship, and one of UCONN’s players was the #1 overall pick – shocking.
2) Men’s Tourney Finale
Now that all of the David & Goliath, and Hoosiers references have been used up, I just want to say that this really was a fantastic game. It was back and forth for the majority of the game, and the final shot that would’ve given Butler the win just barely misses, which is quite an accomplishment for a half-court heave. Congratulations go out to Duke for winning the championship, and to Butler for one heck of a season/tourney.
1) Baseball Opening Day
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Baseball began Sunday night with, guess who, the Yankees-Red Sox. But we all know that it really began on Monday afternoon when the Cardinals beat down the Reds. I have a great feeling about this season, but I have a great feeling about every season. Go Cards!