This is a picture I took on Friday night as I was out getting dinner for Katie and I. I wish I had taken the picture a little earlier than this because you don’t really get the full effect of what is going on from just this picture, so I’ll try to describe it to you.

Believe it or not, I’m actually not under clouds at this point. The sky directly above me is perfectly clear. Not far ahead of me is a dark cloud hanging low in the sky. I seriously felt like I could just reach my hand up and touch it; it was hanging that low. Shortly after I took this picture, I was surrounded by rain, and the sun, which you see in the background there, was barely visible.
Because our radio is still flashing the error message from inputing the wrong anti-theft code, I’ve had a lot of time to just think while I’ve been driving. This picture got me thinking about the difficult times that we face in life. More often than not, when we are in the midst of them, we have a difficult time seeing the sun, which is waiting just beyond the clouds. Sometimes, we get so upset that we just sit down and allow the rain to pour all around us. But we need to remember that God is much bigger than the things that hang over our heads. Even though they may block Him out for a short while, that doesn’t mean He isn’t there in the middle of it all. The sun was still shining, I just couldn’t see it. But knowing that the sun was on the other side of that dark cloud made driving through it less gloomy.
On the way back, I took another picture of the cloud, and as you can imagine, it looked significantly different.
That’s the same cloud, but seen from a different perspective. When we are on the backside of the dark clouds in our life, things can look a little different. It doesn’t look like anything more than just your normal, fluffy white cloud from this perspective. It’s amazing what happens when we look at things with the sun supporting our vision.
So, what do you think? Same cloud, different perspectives. The sun is still there. The Son will always be there.