>Following their 11 inning victory on Tuesday night, the Mets have an amazing home record of 23-9.  Unfortunately for the Mets, they have to play in other stadiums.  When on the road, they are an abysmal 8-18.

Team officials are currently exploring the possibility of playing all their games at Citi Field.  Commissioner Bud Selig on the possibility, “We are definitely looking into it.  At this point, I have to say that it has a better shot than instant replay.”

When asked about the disparity, Mets 3B David Wright said, “We absolutely love New York City.  It is hands-down the finest city in all of America… nay, the WORLD!!!”  Wright then proceeded to run around the clubhouse shouting, “NYC! NYC!  NYC!”

Meanwhile, in other Mets news, Carlos Beltran is finally beginning to thaw after freezing on Adam Wainwright’s curveball to end the 2006 NLCS.