>MLB.com has a heart-warming story on it’s page today talking about how Andres Armando Galarraga and Jason Donald are forever linked because of the blown call that ruined Galarraga’s perfect game.  And by “heart-warming” I really mean “are we done talking about this debacle yet?”  Seriously, this article says, “They were all acts of a 20 hour passion play.”

Thank you so much MLB.com for connecting the trial, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus with a blown call on a near-perfect game.  I really don’t think that is a link that has been made enough in our time.  After all, I’m certain that Galarraga felt like he was dying for the sins of all humanity when Donald was called safe.  I’m positive that Donald felt like Pilate washing his hands of the whole thing.  And we all know that Joyce is certainly Judas in this passion play, betraying all of us with a kiss of a safe sign.

The article then goes on to talk about other pairs of opponents who ruined perfect games.  On this list, you have immortal names such as: Roberto Kelly, Mike Mussina and Wallace Johnson.  Let’s face it, what happened to Galarraga sucked.  It’s part of the game.  All involved handled it with grace, and in the end, Galarraga might… might… be remembered as the guy who got the shaft on a perfect game.  In all reality, though, Galarraga and Donald are most likely going to be just like the other people on the list (Mussina possibly excluded)… linked by their fall into obscurity from this point on in their careers.  Congratulations on your temporary relevance.  Now, what have you done for me lately?