The two Chicago teams finally agreed on something this week: they each suck.  According to an MLB.com story, the Cubs and White Sox both recognize the fact that they are underachieving this season with the Cubbies 9 games out and the White Sox 10.5 games out so far this season.  The article also points out that the Cubs’ best pitcher, Carlos Silva, will be on the hill today for the team.  Read that sentence again, slowly, and you’ll begin to understand why the Cubs have recognized that they are underachieving.
I would start making bold proclamations about the impending apocalypse due to the fact that both teams agree; however, I think they finally just came to terms with what the rest of the world already knows.  Managers Lou Piniella and Ozzie Guillen have decided that the battle for Chicago baseball supremacy will not be decided on the field, but, rather, a round robin arm wrestling tournament at Navy Pier.