>In the long-standing tradition of doing idiotic things and getting injured, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Really? They couldn’t just stay as the California Angles, could they?) received news last week that they were going to be without power-hitting 1B Kendry Morales for the remainder of the season.  Most days, this would be awful news (especially for those of us who selected him for their fantasy team; the guy is a stud) and unfit for the scope of this particular blog; however…

Morales’ injury ranks right up there with some of the strangest, most preventable of all injuries.  He pulled a Bill Gramatica.  In case you don’t know what that means, Bill Gramatica was a place kicker for the Arizona Cardinals in 2001, when, in a game against the New York Giants, Gramatica tore his ACL celebrating… a field goal… in the first quarter.  Read that sentence again slowly.

Morales at least had reason to celebrate.  He had just hit a game-winning grand slam; however, in the aftermath of the celebration, Morales was left writhing in pain with a broken ankle.  Unfortunately, Morales had to be taken out back and prepared for his trip to the glue factory… oh wait, wrong sport.  The moral(es)… get it?… of the story is: don’t celebrate in sports, kids.  Do what you are supposed to do, act like a professional, or God will break your ankle.