>On Wednesday, Jamie Moyer, at 47, became the oldest pitcher to defeat the New York Yankees.  In honor of this momentous occasions, I propose we start a comment thread.  With props to Mike & Mike in the Morning for a couple of these…

Jamie Moyer is so old…

  • He cried at Lou Gehrig’s farewell address while he was warming up in the bullpen.
  • He was once interrupted while watching a play… when Lincoln as assassinated.
  • He bought Shoeless Joe Jackson his first pair of shoes.
  • He is the first player to win the Cy Old award.
  • He is the only person to strike out all of the famous Yankee outfielders – Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle & Bernie Williams.
  • He calls Larry King, “Son” when addressing the talk show host.
All righty, you’re turn…