>The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim made their first trip to Wrigley Field this weekend.  In an article on MLB.com, Angel players reportedly compared the Friendly Confines to another stadium that is really, really old – Fenway Park.

Angels pitcher Jered Weaver said that the fans are “a little more aggressive at Fenway than here” and continued to call out the city of Chicago as a bunch of sissies.  “I mean, what has happened in Chicago?  The Untouchables?  C’mon, really?  How about a real mob, like the Godfather… in a real city, like New York?  Ever seen The Departed?  Boston.  Whatever, Chicago!  Bunch of pansies!”

In answering the question about what makes the two parks so similar, Angels outfielder Torii Hunter said, “I think it’s really the old person smell.  You walk into the clubhouse, and you’re like, ‘Whoa!  Is there a nursing home around here?  This place reminds me of my grandma.'”