>The Toronto Blue Jays avoided a sweep at the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday night, but the big news coming out of the series was not that Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday and 3 of the Cardinals top pitchers played.  The big news was that reportedly just over 43,000 people attended the games.  Not each game… all the games.  For a three game series against the Cardinals, the Blue Jays drew in less than 15,000/game.

When asked about the reasons for the poor attendance, Fred Madeupguy said, “It’s really not surprising.  We have tried to model our organization after the Montreal Expos – the only other successful Canadian baseball team.  As you can see, as far as our attendance goes, we are tracking right where we should be.  We have no doubt that by 2020, we’ll be the first professional team from the big four sports to be playing our home games in Las Vegas.  I know it sounds like a gamble, but we figure it worked for the Expos.  A definite plus to this long-term plan is the fact that we will no longer have to play the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays.  Give us a break.  We’re having a great year, and we’re still in 4th place.”

In related news, the Jays are looking for a boost in home attendance numbers as they host the Phillies in Philadelphia because of the G20 Summit in Toronto.