>One of the big discussions coming up on the eve of the All Star game announcement on Sunday is whether or not Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg deserves to be in the All Star game.  Let me make this simple for you: No, he doesn’t.

Here are some of the reasons why he doesn’t belong:
1) People are saying, “It’s what the fans want.”  Really?  Is it what the fans want?  The fans vote on the starters, and that’s it.  They can get all the undeserving starters into the game they want, but they don’t have any business talking about what pitchers belong in the game because they don’t get a say.  And another thing… fans are do-do heads.

2) He’s pitched in a grand total of 5 games this season.  FIVE GAMES!!!  Yes, he has 48 strikeouts so far.  That’s good enough to put him at 129th in baseball, just a touch ahead of Ross Ohlendorf.  That is not a typo.  Did I mention that he’s only played in 5 games this season?  Do you know who else has pitched in 5 games this season?  Dontrelle Willis.  Justin Duchscherer (who, by the way, has a better record than Strasburg).  Brad Lincoln.  Not exactly the starting staff that you’d like to have at this point in the season.

3) Need I remind you about what a disappointment he has been this season?  Strasburg Sucks!