Happy Fourth of July, everybody!  I hope that y’all are taking some time to sit back and relax today, and remembering all the sacrifices that people have made for the freedoms that we so often take for granted.

Today is a rare Sunday post here at BLB, but I thought it was rather appropriate given today’s holiday.  The title (in case you can’t read it above… in which case, you probably can’t read… in which case, you’re not reading this right now… hmmm, that’s a quandry) of today’s post refers to a picture I took at a game a few years back.

Yup, that’s Roger “The Rocket” Clemens glaring at me as I was taking a picture of him.  My wife and I had the opportunity to go to an Astros-Mets game at the JuiceBox.  Clemens (obviously) wasn’t pitching that night, but Pedro Martinez was.  Carlos Beltran was making his return to Houston after bolting for New York as a free agent, and it was dollar hot dog night.

We were in Texas for a friend’s wedding, and just so happened to reconnect with our first neighbors from seminary who lived in the Houston area.  He was able to get us tickets after playing racquetball with Larry Dierker’s wife.  Sometimes, it’s nice to be at least a little connected.  Our seats were on the 6th row on the first base side.  I didn’t exactly have to zoom in to take this picture.  It was awesome, and I had the opportunity to check off another stadium from my Stadium Quest – my dream of attending a baseball game in every stadium across the U.S.